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Menu for the Week of May 31, 2022

Delivering to Baltimore City + County on Tuesday | Select D.C. Neighborhoods on Wednesday

Vegetables & Smaller Plates

Grilled Asparagus
Mixed purple + green asparagus, lemon

One Straw Romaine Caesar
Local lettuce, croutons, classic caesar dressing

Sliced Smoked Turkey
Liberty Delight pastured turkey, perfect for sandwiches


Classic Steak Dinner (gf)
Marinated + grilled Liberty Delight sirloins, chimichurri, served with roasted root vegetables

Pastured Chicken Teriyaki (gf)
Boneless Liberty Delight chicken thighs, Karma Farms spring onions, sweet soy marinade, served over fried rice

Shrimp Scampi
Atlantic shrimp, garlic scapes, olive oil, chili flake, Karma Farms parsley, served over linguine

Heritage Pork Florentine
Rettland Farms pork loin, Karma Farms greens, garlic, lardon, served with stewed white beans

Vegetarian Mains

Mushroom Bourguignon
Local cremini + trumpet mushrooms, Karma Farms carrots + herbs, red wine, served over mashed potatoes

Spring Vegetable Japchae (gf)
Local asparagus, Karma Farms carrots + greens, King shiitake mushrooms, egg, sweet soy + sesame dressing

Breakfast & Beverages

Old Fashioned Oatmeal
Good Dog Farm oats, apples, maple butter


Lemon Thyme and Rhubarb Mini Cake
Individual brown butter cake with lemon thyme and rhubarb jam

Turtle Brownie
Cocoa brownie with caramel swirl, toasted pecans, and sea salt

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Feedback on our Food

Very service-oriented, helpful people making good food from local ingredients! Their dishes are something to look forward to at the end of the work day.

Nina J. | Baltimore, MD

Your food is fabulous, and was such a blessing when I really needed it!  

Vivia, C | Baltimore, MD

The chicken and dumplings this week blew our minds - it was so, so good. We had the red wine braised beef already too, and that was also excellent.

Erin K. | Washington, D.C.

The food was delicious.  My daughters fought over the noodles and my wife loved the quiche.  All so delicious.

Chris P. | Baltimore, MD

Your food is so incredibly delicious! I am not on Facebook or instagram so I cannot post there. But my feedback—out of this world! THANK YOU.

Marjorie S. | Washington, D.C.

Just wanted to let you know that dinner tonight was BOMB. The meat and potatoes dish. CRUSHED IT. Only wish I had like seventeen more servings. Ha. 

Chea W. | Baltimore, MD

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