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Menu for the Week of August 2, 2021

Delivering to Baltimore City + County on Tuesday | Select D.C. Neighborhoods on Wednesday

Vegetables & Smaller Things

Provider Bean Amandine
Karma Farms beans, lemon, almonds


Classic Ragu Bolognese
Braised Liberty Delight beef, Karma Farms tomatoes + herbs, red wine, chicken stock, served over pappardelle

Chicken Chili Verde
Liberty Delight chicken thighs, One Straw Farm tomatillos + peppers, Karma Farms cilantro, lime, served with cornbread

Pastured Chicken Piccata (gf)
Liberty Delight chicken breasts, lemon + caper sauce, One Straw garlic, served with Karrma Farms greens

Vietnamese-Style Grilled Pork (gf)
Marinated Rettland Farms pork chops, pickled Karma Farms carrots + cucumbers, shaved cabbage

Vegetarian Mains

Roasted Eggplant + Couscous
Whole roasted Karma Farms eggplant + parsley, tahini dressing, walnuts, Israeli-style couscous, house hummus

Summer Bibimbap (gf)
King shiitake mushrooms, Karma Farms carrots, cucumbers, squash + greens, egg, gochujang, served over Jasmine rice


Vanilla Cold Brew
Lightly sweetened, local dairy

Juice #10: Spicy Tomato Tonic
Karma Farms tomatoes, carrot, beet, radish + lemon


Classic Chocolate Chip Cookies
Local flour + eggs

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Feedback on our Food

Very service-oriented, helpful people making good food from local ingredients! Their dishes are something to look forward to at the end of the work day.

Nina J. | Baltimore, MD

Your food is fabulous, and was such a blessing when I really needed it!  

Vivia, C | Baltimore, MD

The chicken and dumplings this week blew our minds - it was so, so good. We had the red wine braised beef already too, and that was also excellent.

Erin K. | Washington, D.C.

The food was delicious.  My daughters fought over the noodles and my wife loved the quiche.  All so delicious.

Chris P. | Baltimore, MD

Your food is so incredibly delicious! I am not on Facebook or instagram so I cannot post there. But my feedback—out of this world! THANK YOU.

Marjorie S. | Washington, D.C.

Just wanted to let you know that dinner tonight was BOMB. The meat and potatoes dish. CRUSHED IT. Only wish I had like seventeen more servings. Ha. 

Chea W. | Baltimore, MD

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