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Menu for the Week of September 23, 2019

Delivering to Baltimore City + *Parts of The County


Jewish-style Brisket
Liberty Delight Farms brisket, crispy shallots, Clayton Farms carrots, Good Dog Farms potatoes, tomato sauce

Chicken Provencal
Rettland Farms chicken, Karma Farms herbs ‘de Provence’, porky Good Dog Farms Roma beans

Japanese Meatballs (Tsukune)
Grilled Rettland Farms chicken, sesame oil, miso, farmer’s market green onions, served with miso sweet potatoes

Pork Chop + Romesco
Rettland Farms pork chop, romesco sauce, Karma Farm butterscotch butternut

Vegetarian Mains

Fall Curry Lentils
Thai-style curried lentils, lots of fall vegetables from Karma Farm, served over rice

Sunshine Kabocha Soup
Karma Farms kabocha, homemade sourdough crouton, fresh ricotta

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